Industry Overview


From semiconductors, printed circuit boards, to electronic hardware, and consumer devices, the complexity of manufacturing continues to increase and challenge the manufacturers. The availability of skilled workers has also been decreasing and it takes a high cost to train and ensure the manufacturing of high quality products. 


Electronic parts and products require high precision manufacturing and are difficult to be manufactured without using a vision system. Smartmore's technology can therefore be used to optimize the manufacturing process, improve quality control, reduce the production costs and generate new insights. 





SMore Factory provides digitalization solutions for the electronics industry, including positioning and alignment, identification, defect inspection, classification, optical character recognition, assembly and measurement, etc. Only a small amount of image data is needed to train models, our algorithm can train itself, quickly generating a full-stack solution that can detect multiple defects simultaneously and perform different tasks. 



Client Engagement / Related Solutions


Electrical products require a high level of product quality and high standards of quality control. The manufacturer often requires over 20 categories of defects to be detected in the production line. SmartMore makes use of SMore ViMo to design a multi-model solution with inspection and segmentation modules. Based on the provided types of defect, the inspection area of the material is divided into 7 areas. The model accelerates and optimizes the production processes. 


SmartMore’s module can achieve full inspections for various types of electronics products. 




  • Pass rate ≥ 99.0%
  • Overkill rate ≤ 1%
  • Save 95% of labor cost


- Processing speed of the production line ≤ 0.2 seconds/piece

- Process 25,000+ pieces daily on average


*The above numbers are calculated based on the average performance of SmartMore’s solutions on the clients’ production lines.