GigE Network Area Scan Camera

Thanks to versatility and ease of use, the GigE area scan camera uses the GigE interface to transmit non-compressed images in real-time. Its advantages are as follows:

  • Secured data: Special data package retransmission technology is applied to ensure data security.
  • Speed-up image processing: It is supported by the embedded graphic accelerator, lowering the occupation of the industrial computer’s CPU.
  • High flexibility: Support the simultaneous operation of several cameras and can be arbitrarily networked
  • Range from 300,000 to 47 million pixels, both CCD and CMOS are available
  • Fine SDK design, plug and use
  • Support external trigger and flashlight synchronization, up to 7-way GPIO
  • Compatible with Vision Standard, supports Halcon, Labview, OpenCV, Vision Pro, etc.
  • GigE network port, 100 m long-distance transmission, supports POE power supply (optional)
  • Compact and light, Low power consumption, anti-interference, no frame drops
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10 GigE Network Area Scan Camera

With the help of a 10 GigE area scan camera, fast and steady data transmission is no longer an issue. SmartMoreInside’s 10 GigE area scan cameras also provide the following benefits:

  • Heat dissipation: Reserved fan interface to effectively control camera temperature
  • Lower cost: The combination of interface and captured card has cut the budget
  • Shorten R&D cycle: Support GigEVision, GenICam standard and the same SDK as Gigabit Ethernet camera
  • 500,000-47 million pixels optional, maximized 1594FPS frame rate
  • Unique data packet retransmission technology to ensure reliable data transmission
  • Excellent SDK design, as simple as using a USB camera
  • Fast transmission: 1200MByet effective bandwidth greatly shortens the image transmission time
  • High compatibility: Support GigEVision, GenlCam and SDK
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USB 2.0 Area Scan Camera

USB 2.0 area scan cameras perform well in cutting your budget. Other merits can be seen below:

  • 300,000 to 10 million pixels with CMOS/CCD
  • Support external trigger, flash synchronization
  • Custom data can be written in the camera
  • Support 16bit grayscale and 48bit color lossless format output
  • No need for an external power supply, plug and use
  • With hardware frame cache, support more than 32 cameras work simultaneously
  • Support Windows, Linux and ARM Linux, Android system
  • Support Windows XP SP3 or above, Linux 32/64Bit operating system
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USB 3.0 Area Scan Camera

USB 3.0 area scan cameras are created based on the USB Vision standard protocol. They are compatible with third-party machine vision development software. These cameras have beneficial features that consist of:

  • Ultra-small size and extremely lightweight, common fixing hole
  • The camera comes with programmable IO
  • Support external trigger flash to take photos synchronously
  • Support 16bit grayscale and 48bit color lossless format output
  • Capable of mounting several cameras without disconnecting and frame loss when working for a long time
  • Support WindowsXPSP3 and above, PC Linux system, and ARMLinux system, can be integrated into embedded equipment.
  • Compatible with Vision protocol, Halcon, VisionPro Labview, and other vision software.
  • 440MByte/s maximum transmitting speed
  • Built-in large-capacity frame cache, supporting real-time and reliable transmission,
  • Ultra-low power consumption, strong stability, the typical power consumption is less than 2W
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