Industry Overview

While many manufacturers are under the stage of automation or digitalization to upgrade themselves, a few pioneers are taking things to the next level, going through smart transformation, seizing the opportunity of becoming industrial leaders in the near future.


Present automotive manufacturing tasks are mostly quite labour intensive, because there are a lot of varieties in this field. An item to be visually inspected can be as large as an entire chassis for its welding defects, or it could be as small as to a nanoscale, especially for wiring and wafer inspection of the semiconductor in car computers. At this particular time when the whole automotive industry is facing a shortage of IC components, it is even more essential that the factories examine all products carefully and accurately.




SMore Factory provides digitization solutions for automotive manufacturing processes, including production, quality control, equipment maintenance, etc. Whether the area to be inspected is large or small, our algorithm can train itself with relatively fewer samples provided, quickly generating a full-stack solution that can detect multiple areas simultaneously. 



Client Engagement


Some of our clients who are world-leading automotive and aerospace part suppliers aimed to achieve an unmanned inspection for their Smart Factory. SmartMore used digitalization for bump and scratch detection on multiple types of surfaces and materials, including bearings, eliminating a variety of interference factors, such as fibers and hair. 


SmartMore’s detection module can achieve defect detection for various classification. 




  • Pass rate ≥ 99.0%
  • Overkill rate ≤ 3%
  • Save 80% of labor cost


- Processing speed of the production line ≤ 0.2 seconds/piece

- Process 20,000+ pieces daily on average


*The above numbers are calculated based on the average performance of SmartMore’s solutions on the clients’ production lines.