China’s New-Energy Vehicle revs up in the post-pandemic era


In the last ten years, the Chinese auto market continued to evolve and make a great change caused by the Covid-19. The market crashed at the start of 2020, but sales of New-Energy Vehicle witnessed a uptick in the latter part of the year. Now it reaches a point where Chinese buyers desire to improve their auto functionality encouraged by the pandemic. The era of energy vehicles takes off.


According to the State Council of People’s Republic of China, the NEV market is in the spotlight of global automobile industry as a result of national policy support, energy shortage and environment protection. And also the country’s NEV industry is gaining steam in the fast lane of expansion.


One of the main benefits of applying New Energy Vehicles is its influence on environment protection. Pure EVs don’t generate any exhaust gases because they don’t have a tailpipe, which consequently lowers local air pollution, especially in crowded areas. With New Energy Vehicles, there is no distance restriction. Many cities have already embraced the practice of limiting the number of oil-fueled automotive in order to reduce pressure on the environment because of major environmental contamination. However, the restricted coverage is not applicable to New Energy Vehicles because they merely generate any pollution, thus making travel free and convenient.