Industry Overview

The Food and Beverage Industry is a very innovative industry in which the industry keeps evolving to meet the increasing demand from customers. From fresh food, to packaged food, to beverages, the industry transforms raw agricultural goods into consumer food products. 

Downtime and efficiency are extremely important factors for the food and beverage industry. Faster and higher productivity machines can optimize the efficiency, reducing the changeover time needed to switch from one product to another. Smartmore's technology can give a hand to greatly improve the supply chain and operations processes in the manufacturing and logistics stage.




SMore Factory provides digitization solutions for the food and beverage processing industry, including packaging inspection, assembly verification, traceability, and warehouse and distribution, etc. Whether the designated area to be inspected is large or small, our algorithm can train itself with relatively fewer samples provided, quickly generating a full-stack solution that can detect multiple areas simultaneously. 



Client Engagement / Related Solutions

In the process of manufacturing plastics packaging, various types of printing defects will appear due to the limitation of the production line. SmartMore has provided the entire AOI inspection equipment, which can seamlessly connect to the production line, completely replacing the manual full inspection. Through multiple sets of optical solutions and part movement settings, it enables plastic packaging with different shapes and surface features to be imaged with maximum accuracy and clarity.


SmartMore’s module can achieve full inspections for various types of food & beverage packaging.




  • Pass rate ≥ 99.0%
  • Overkill rate ≤ 5%
  • Save 95% of labor cost


- Processing speed of the production line ≤ 0.2 seconds/piece

- Process 20,000+ pieces daily on average


*The above numbers are calculated based on the average performance of SmartMore’s solutions on the clients’ production lines.