What is Ultra HD

Ultra HD stands for Ultra-high-definition, aka UHD, which includes 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) and 8K (7680 x 4320 pixels) video formats with specific requirements of resolution, bit depth, color gamut, HDR, and HDRR. Involved with many stakeholders such as content creators, distributors, as well as hardware manufacturers, the UHD ecosystem includes various industries including core component manufacturing, content creation, telecommunication, terminal display, consumer services, and other applications.



What is SMore Media UHD Solutions

With over 20 years of solid experience in digitalization, SmartMore has developed a series of technologies to empower the entire UHD ecosystem. Our SMore Media UHD solutions can be used on terminals, at the edge, as well as on the cloud. 



How Can UHD Help Media

Our products can restore video damages and upscale video quality. SmartMore’s world-leading video enhancement technology upscales videos from 1080p laptop-quality to 4K mega-screen-quality in real time, upgrading video viewing experience for business, education, entertainment, etc. Integrated with 4 array microphones, our USB Video Bar ensures the optimal video conferencing experience with HD audio, 4K video, and 120° FOV.