Chinese manufacturing PMI rises after a continuous decline



Since the pandemic of 2019, global manufacturing industry took a severe hit. As a major manufacturing country, China also rolled along with the avalanche. However, with China has opened related policies, the Chinese manufacturing PMI in June 2022 rose to 50.2 which is above the threshold.

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3D sensing market growth



A few of the major factors propelling the market expansion of 3D sensors are the continued advancements in camera technology and the need for 3D sensors. Other contributing factors include expanding consumer electronics demand for 3D-capable products and the rising need for medical imaging technologies.

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Automotive Industry Inspection - How SmartMore ViMo Guard Car Part Quality?



SMore ViMo 2.0 utilizes algorithm concatenation to efficiently locate areas with excessive glue defects, uses core segmentation algorithm to mark defects, and automatically outputs the area and location of excessive glue, thus ensuring that each factory-manufactured sealing strip is well-crafted.

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Chinese Manufacturing Orders Fall by 20%-30%



Chinese manufacturing orders are reportedly down by as much as 20%-30%, according to logistics sources responsible for moving the finished products from Chinese manufacturing plants to the Chinese ports.

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SmartMore Manufacturing Debuting in Southeast Asia



SmartMore, a thriving manufacturing company, is now reaching out to the southeast Aisa with its latest products for more opportunities in Factory 4.0. The first profound move was to attend the two major exhibitions.

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SmartMore Integrated Optical Inspection Machine for Defects of MiniLED



SmartMore's integrated inspection machine is deeply integrated with SmartMore's intelligent industrial platform SMore ViMo 2.0 and lighting scheme to realize the smart detection of double links specifically for high-end screen display. By intelligent big data detection, the equipment can effectively track the defect source process in various industrial applications.

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SmartMore is at Automatica Munich 2022



From June 21-24 SmartMore is bringing advanced cutting-edge technology to Munich, Germany. Our unique products and solutions are the best match for smart manufacturing.  In the exhibition, we’ll mainly introduce SMore Vimo 2.0, SMore ViScanner series, and other industrial products (I.e., machine vision). You’ll be appreciated to inquire any technical details on spot with our expert team.


New Future For 3D Sensing Technology



Nowadays, standard image sensors can easily capture the light intensity and color, and have been installed on every smartphone in practical use. Relying on the CMOS technology, these cameras have become smaller and more powerful and provide a resolution of tens of millions of pixels. However, they were constrained in capturing only flat, namely two-dimension images until now.


SmartMore at Hannover Messe 2022



From May 30-June 2, SmartMore brings the cutting edge products and solutions of smart manufacturing, including SMore Vimo 2.0, SMore Viscanner series and many more, to Hannover Messe 2022 in Hannover, Germany, which is renowned as the largest grand gathering in the field of industry around the globe.

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