PCB (printed circuit board) is known as the mother of electronic products because it provides reliable electrical connections between component’s terminals. Traditional manual visual inspection is struggling to meet the high precision requirement and high intensity of PCB quality control. Automated defect detection becomes inevitable.


In the era of Industry 4.0, digitalization makes Smart Factory possible. SmartMore’s self-developed smart PCB Imaging System applied digital architecture to the collection and processing of super big images for PCB. When materials are sent to the equipment, robotic arms will automatically finish material collection, double-sided line scan, coding and compressing, image output, etc. This system provides images as precise as 7µm, which is one tenth of the diameter of a hair, while increasing the production efficiency of the factory by 30%.


SmartMore has collaborated with multiple leading enterprises in the field of semiconductor, including wafer detection, PCB detection, chip craft analysis, etc. With dozens of mature solutions and all-in-one systems, SmartMore has successfully developed a series of standard products for the semiconductor industry.