SmartMore strikes at revive tech asia 2022

As one of the most influential technology gathering in Asia, it’s for everyone from across ALL industries to shed light on how to transforming your ways for better business. 100+ key speakers from all industries to share their professional ideas of technology.


Among those, SmartMore, as a powerful company which provides solutions for smart manufacturing with 20+ years of experience, caught great attention of attendees. With our amazing products and a sharing on the topic of "Re-Industrialisation is Calling ”, “Smart Connectivity for Manufacturing: Optimize the potential of date-driven production”, we sure can help lots of businesses to thrive and catch up the train towards a way of improving efficiency and productivity.


As a gold partner of the event, SmartMore shed lights to various companies in different industries to show the leading technology in order to accelerate the development of smart manufacturing by entering a new era of how to improve efficiency and productivity.


Together with our cutting edge technology and equipment vimo and viscanner, SmartMore is ready to boost manufacturing optimization and take it into the next step of automotive inspection and machine learning. From vision system to smart sensor, we provide ene-to-end solutions and have created value for 100+ leading enterprises in various industries. With the help of SmartMore, a clearer and more streamlined workflow is no longer a blueprint waiting to explore.