SmartMore, a thriving manufacturing company, is now reaching out to the southeast Aisa with its latest products for more opportunities in Factory 4.0. The first profound move was to attend the two major exhibitions.



In May, SmartMore attended Control World Expo 2022 and TRANS4M 2022 presenting the smart industrial platform SMore ViMo 2.0, Viscanner and solutions in the field of 3C and automobile industry. It was the first time SmartMore showed up in southeast Aisa.


100+ enterprises were gathered in the two exhibitions including Carl Zeiss AG, Leica, HITACHI and many more top enterprises. The first day of the exhibitions, hundreds of professionals attended to discuss what manufacturers can do for the development of smart manufacturing in southeast Aisa.


During the event, SmartMore draw lots of attention to experience and consult our latest products. SMore ViMo 2.0 is capable of professional generic applications such as defect detection, OCR, product counting, etc. With the advantage of one-stop service and brilliant production, our defect detection can reach to 99.99%.


For now, SmartMore has developed business in 8 countries and regions across the world. The products and solutions have received great compliments. And SmartMore will continue to dive into smart manufacturing industry and try to contribute to a smarter future.