From June 21-24 SmartMore is bringing advanced cutting-edge technology to Munich, Germany. Our unique products and solutions are the best match for smart manufacturing.  In the exhibition, we’ll mainly introduce SMore Vimo 2.0, SMore ViScanner series, and other industrial products (I.e., machine vision). You’ll be appreciated to inquire any technical details on spot with our expert team.


In the past exhibitions, SMore ViMo 2.0 and ViScanners have been the center of attraction for participants due to their advanced features and efficient technology. SMore ViScanners is a series of high-speed intelligent code scanners designed for industrial applications, offering high flexibility and ease of use in the harsh industrial environment. Integrated with SmartMore algorithms, a high-speed Cortex 4-Core processor, and Mega-pixel image sensors, the scanner offers the best of the class and reliable scanning solution for labels and DPM codes on different surfaces. While SMore ViMo 2.0 has been praised for its three remarkable advantages which are potent algorithm, zero code requirement, and multi-industry application. It can provide high-precision inspection, including OCR, defect detection, target classification, segmentation function, etc. Dozens of inbuilt machine vision algorithms of high precision specialized in manufacturing distinguish itself in several competitions.


In a few years’ time, SmartMore Corporation has made its name in machine vision technology in Asia, Europe, and America which is no less than a milestone. We have already served more than 1000 leading enterprises from multiple industries. Our services have been appreciated and well recognized by our clients around the world. With an aim of shaping the future of Smart Technology, SmartMore is continuing its global expansion with its unique and effective products and solutions, especially in machine vision and smart manufacturing solutions.


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