4 Road Collector Differential Terminal Station | SMI-Q500

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Product Features

1.PLC and servo constitute a closed-loop system, which converts the ABZ phase output from servo driver (servo feedback pulse equivalent can be set by parameters) signal to collector output signal and inputs it to the high-speed counting interface of plc.
2.PLC is connected with differential output encoder or grating ruler. The differential output encoder signal is converted to collector output signal and input to high-speed counting interface of plc.
3.Motor synchronous control.


European terminal block Body Material: PA 66V-0fire rating Certificate: UL、CE、VDE
Terminal Material: Phosphor copper Rated current: 10A
Plating: Tin plating Torque: 0.4NM(3.5fb -in)
Terminal main body Body Material: PA 66-0 fire rating Certificate: CE
Cover Material: PC V-0 fire rating Fixing screws Material: SUS304
Fasteners: PC V-0 fire rating PCB board material: FR-4
Rated current and voltage specification
Nominal coil voltage DC24V
For wire: 1.5 mm² Following /AWG16
Electrical parameters
Input signal Encodersignal Routes 2CH:A/A,B/B;3CH:A/A,B/B,Z/Z
Maximumtrequency 2MHz
level TTL diferance
Voltage 5V
Output signal Opencollector circuit Routes 2CH:AB;3CH:ABZ
Frequency Same as input
level Compatible with NPN and PNP
Curren 1A
Power supply 24 Vdc
Overall size 61x87x41 mm(L*W*H)
Environmental characteristics Operating temperature (-25C~+85C)
Relative humidity ≤90%(40'C)
Storage temperature (-40'C~+80C)
Cusiomerize Customize similar producis acording to customer requirements
Interface description
Name Funcuion
A+ A- A phase differential signal
B+ B- Phase B differential signal
Z+ Z- Z phase differential signal
A A relative collector output sub-signal
B B Relative collector output
C Z corresponding collector output
- DC 24V power supply negative poie
+ DC 24V power supply positive poie
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