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Product Description

SMore ViScanner Smart Code Reader VS800 is a compact code reader independently developed by SmartMore. The VS800 uses a deep learning decoding algorithm and is equipped with a liquid zoom lens, which can achieve millisecond-level high-speed autofocus. It has powerful and easy-to-use features such as fast code reading speed, flexible working distance, small size and easy installation.

Product Feature

◆Liquid focus technology:
The VS800 is equipped with a liquid zoom lens, and combined with Cube-A Technology focusing algorithm independently developed by SmartMore, it can achieve a single millisecond zoom speed. VS800 only needs a few sampled images to achieve precise focusing. Compared with traditional mechanical lens focusing technology, which requires hundreds of samples to complete focusing, the sampling speed has been improved by nearly a hundred times, and it has strong advantages of being fast, accurate and demonstrate clear focusing.
◆Tune key to adjust parameters intelligently:
VS800 does not need to be connected to a computer, just one-click Tune button on the barcode reader body. It can automatically complete focus, exposure, gain, light source adjustment and symbology search parameter adjustment for different scenes such as dark field and bright field. Users can get started quickly without training, which greatly simplifies the debugging process of code reading and reduces debugging time of users.
◆Flexible working distance:
The VS800 supports a flexible working distance of 40 mm-300 mm, covering mainstream barcode reading object distance application scenarios at market. Equipped with the 6mm liquid lens can provide users with flexible barcode reading application scenarios.
◆Small size and easy to install:
The VS800 is small in size, with a body size of 46 mm*25 mm*43 mm, and can be installed in a small space. Embedded with 4 LED light sources and equipped with 2 green sights, users can quickly determine reading areas.


Read parameters
Resolution (HxV) 1280*800
Frame rate (fps) 60
Color/Monochrome Monochrome
Maximum read speed 60/s
Exposure Time 20 μs ~ 10000 μs
Gain 0 dB ~ 256 dB
Motion tolerance Up to 3 m/s
Target size  1/4"
Light source Available with red/white light source
Polariod Transparent model/polarized model are available
Focus method Liquid autofocus, manual focus
Reading distance 30~300 mm (@Manual) 40~300 mm (@Liquid)
Reading code viewing range 128 *80mm at 200 mm working distance (@6 mm focal length lens)
Reading accuracy 1D barcode minimum 0.083 mm, 2D barcode minimum 0.063 mm
Sensor trigger method Buttons, external device output signals, software commands or periodic triggers to control the barcode reader
Status indication The code reader can output control signals, control the external sound and light prompting device, and realize alarming and other prompting functions
Supported symbologies 1D code: EAN-13 EAN-8, Code128, Code93 Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39
2D code: DataMatrix, QRcode
Communication control and electrical parameter
Input control 2-way optocoupler isolation input
Output control 3-way non-isolated output
communication protocol TCP Server, TCP Client, ModBus TCP, MELSEC, SLMP, Serial
Communication Interface RS232, Ethernet
Power input 24 VDC
Power consumption 5 W
Dimension and Environmental Parameter
Dimension 46*25*43 mm
Operating temperature 0~45°C
Storage temperature -20~70°C
Humidity 5% to 95%RH (non-condensing)
IP grade IP65
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