Bus Terminal Module | SMI-EC-DM32

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Product Description

EC series EtherCAT bus module designed communication interface, power module, I/O module as height integrated single module, compact structure, stable performance, high cost performance. The input and output interfaces adopt optical isolation and filtering technology, which can effectively isolate the interference of external circuits to improve the stability and reliability of the system. Currently, EC series modules have been widely used in various industrial automation applications. It has been highighly recognized by users in terms of high product stability, strong anti-interference ability, excellent performance.

Product Features

(1) Integrated structure design, anti-vibration, high safety performance;
(2) Compact structure, compact size;
(3) Use photoelectric isolation and filtering technology, which results in stable and reliable output;
(4) Convenient. Installation of standard DIN35 guide;
(5) Input polar NPN and PNP users can be configured according to wiring.


Module power supply: DC 24V
Protection class: IP20
Operating temperature: 0~53℃
Digital input
Number of channels: 20
Input type: NPN/PNP
Rated voltage: DC 24V
Input Current: 4mA (at DC24V, typical value)
Isolation method: Opto-coupler isolation
ON/OFF response time: Within 30 us/10 us
Port protection: Overvoltage protection
Digital output
Number of channels: 12
Output type: Sink output
Rated voltage: DC 24V
Output current: MAX 300mA per channel
Isolation method: Opto-coupler isolation
ON/OFF response time: Within 12 us/40 us
Port protection: Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
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