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Coder Reader VS2000 Description:                                                                                                                 

Code reader VS2000 is a high-performance and high-resolution full-featured intelligent code reader, equipped with ultra-high computing power depth chip, equipped with ultra-high-speed liquid zoom lens/fast mechanical zoom lens, up to 100-2000mm ultra-wide range quickly zooming, modular light source design, flexible M/C interface lens, maximally meet the complex and different scene applications in industrial sites

feature of  Barcode reader


  • High Resolution and Large Field of View
Equipped with a 2448*2048 global exposure image sensor, realizing a large field of view that is more than 5 times larger than before, and meeting barcode reading in a large field of view

  • Ultra-High-Speed Focusing
Equipped with a distance sensing unit, it can detect the precise distance from the object under test to the lens, and only need to take a few samples to complete the focusing task, meeting the rapid detection task on site

  • Modular Light Source Design

Modular light source design is adopted, providing a standard light source module with 16 LED lights and a high-brightness light source module with 34 LED lights. You can choose a suitable light source according to different scenarios and reduce the need for high-cost external lighting.


  • Rich Lens Interfaces
Provide different lens options of M-mount and C-mount. M-mount covers focal lengths of 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, and 35mm. Combined with flexible C-mount lenses, it can cover the largest range of on-site applications

Application Scenario:
3C Manufacturing Car Manufacturing Electronics manufacturing Food production
3C Manufacturing Car Manufacturing Electronics Manufacturing Food Production

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