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light source detection

Multispectral Division Light Source

Product Description:
  • 4 partitions can be used for separate lighting, combined with the photometric stereo detection algorithm, it can meet the defect detection requirements of complex backgrounds.
  • The light source integrates multi-spectral characteristics of visible and invisible light, and can adapt to various color materials.
Application Scenario:
  • It can meet the testing needs of different color products.
  • The spectrum of different bands can be customized and integrated according to customer needs.

Special light source inside and outside the screw hole

Product Description:
  • This is a multi-image reflective module combined with a light source, which is designed to enable complete inspection of inner holes in objects ranging in size from 1 to 10mm.
Application Scenario:
  • Screw hole and thread detection, glue detection in the hole, outer wall defect detection, etc.
  • Modules of different specifications can be customized according to the tested products. At present, M1 is the smallest detectable screw hole, while 10mm is the largest product that can be detected.

360 degree appearance inspection optical module

Product Description:
  • Four-sided imaging, higher efficiency
  • The working distance is 5-55 mm, which can be adjusted according to the lens
  • Can be customized with the lens holder, and provides more freedom in installation method
  • Can be customized based on requirements, matches the samples of different outer diameters
  • The structure matches the assembly line, and the sample can pass through unimpeded.
Application Scenario:
  • Conductor appearance defect detection;
  • Label character defect detection;
  • Small round shaped product defect detection.

Square Top Light Source

Product Description:
  • Large effective light-emitting area, saving space.
  • Adjustable light emitting hole. If the current hole cannot meet the testing requirements, the upper cover can be removed to reach the maximum emission.
Application Scenario:
  • Wire terminal detection;
  • Detect reflective uneven surfaces.

Needle Corner Special Line Light Source

Product Description:
  • The angle of the light source can be adjusted through the professionally designed fixed bracket
  • Highly flexibile, full illumination angle,and can be controlled independently
  • The light source emits a strong direct beam with little divergence, which allows light to point directly at the needle tip and eliminate background interference.
  • Suitable for external pin detection of electronic products;
  • With high-power lamp beads, the light source has high brightness and fast detection speed.
Application Scenario:
  • Connector pin position detection;
  • Capacitor, IC pin skew detection;
  • Small product square outline size detection.

Three-color Light Source

Product Description:
  • The contour characteristics of the solder joint are reflected by illumination of different light sources.
  • In case of full solder joints there are three colors, and if the solder joints are missing there will be two, or only one color;
  • It is a light source specially designed to detect solder.
Application Scenario:
  • Solder appearance, tin deficiency and fullness detection.

Dual Polarized Light Source

Product Description:
  • Two polarizing plates are installed on the existing ring light source, and there is no need to install polarizing plates on the lens, which is more convenient to use after being assembled together;
  • Tighten the outer ring and adjust the inner ring.
Application Scenario:
  • Reflective packaging surface contour detection;
  • Appearance inspection of vehicle lamps.

Small Tunnel Light Source

Product Description:
  • There is a slot under the light source to facilitate the passage of products;
  • The light source size and slot size can be customized according to the product;
  • Uniform lighting.
Application Scenario:
  • Surface defect detection of small cylinder;
  • Resistance color ring identification.

Arc Hadowless Light

Product Description:
  • Uniform shadowless light;
  • High brightness and large arc;
  • The arc is greater than 180 degrees.
Application Scenario:
  • Supports the line scan camera for arc frame defect detection (mobile phone frame, Pad frame, and arc frame of other products).

Ring Dome Combination Light Source

Product Description:
  • Multi-angle irradiation;
  • Each angle is individually adjustable.
Application Scenario:
  • Multi-detection of item product combination lighting application
  • Arc shaped product defect detection.

AOI Tricolor Light Source

Product Description:
  • Three adjustable colors;
  • Shadowless irradiation;
  • High, medium and low angle distribution.
Application Scenario:
  • PCB component detection;
  • Solder inspection.
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