Flexible Gripper Controller | SMI-PDCU

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Product Feature

• Compact soft-touch passive driver.
• -90-300 kPa three-gear adjustable range of output air pressure, fully support the drive from flexible gripper to flexible finger.
• Pressure regulation of manual knob.
• The integrated panel of digital display and operation buttons.
•It has two control modes of manual (button) and automatic (I/O level signal), which can be used together with various terminals, like robotic arms and PLC.
• Equipped with mounting brackets and DIN rail clips, a variety of installation methods.
• With intelligent alarm function, it is safe and stable, no need to worry about maloperation.
• The product has achieved CE safety certificate.


Name Range
Nominal voltage 24 VDC±10%
Rated power 12 W
Service life 50 mill times
Input air source 0.45-1.00 MPa Dry, clean, stableFlow rate>200 L/min
Output air pressure -90-300 kPa
Operating noise 50 db
Shell material Engineering plastics
Dimension 208*134*141 mm
Net weight 2.0 kg
Control mode 1. Manual button
2. I/O, level signal
IP grade IP54
Operating mode Continuous signal drive
PDCU has two options: standard PDCU-S and high-speed PDCU-H. The high-speed type has a larger vacuum flow and is suitable for high-speed handling conditions.
Model Manual pressure regulation Electric pressure regulation Wireless control Gesturefeedback Safe air pressure Max vacuum pressure[kPa] Positive pressure flow[L/min] Negative pressure flow[L/min]
Standard type PDCU-S × × × Adjustable -90 260 40
High-speed type PDCU-H × × × Adjustable -80 260 80
The test conditions for this flow parameter are: air sou rce pressure=0.6MPa, positive pressure set by the gripper=100kPa.
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