High Precision 3D Camera | SMI-3DSL-1000-04

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3D structured light camera Description:                                                                                                                 

SMore 3D camera is a highly integrated 3D camera with high precision, large depth of field (using MEMS micro-galvanometer scanning to achieve a focal projection, that is, the projected, coded, structured and light pattern is clear at any position or under curved surfaces), low cost (It adopts self-developed MEMS, which is a silicon-based chip, and has advantages of low batch cost) and light weight.
• Highly integrated, all the calculations are finished at the camera interior.
• High quality in real-time performance, high resolution, and great precision
• Integrated infrared light source
• Non-contact measurement
• SDK for Windows and Linux
• Software viewer for rapid application

feature of 3D structured light camera


  • The maximum repetition accuracy of Z axis is 0.3 μ m. Ultra high precision provides you with faster and more accurate measurement results.

  • Not affected by object material and Reflection: It can detect objects of almost all materials, and it can also achieve high-precision measurement for objects with high reflective surface characteristics.

  • Achieving high speed data transmission by using Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Easy Installation, without any on-site calibrations.

Application Scenario:
Face recognition Disordered sorting Product inspection Logistics / Warehousing
Face recognition Disordered sorting Product inspection Logistics / Warehousing

dimension of 3D structured light camera

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