Laser Engraving Machine | SMI-LEM-01

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Product Feature

1.LD+FAC+C compressed laser technology
No scorch on the surface after cutting.
8mm plywood can through with single cut.
2.More precise. Much faster. More powerful
3.All-metal Frame Integral-moulding casing
4.Multiple functions
Honeycomb platform: Better for penetration, no need of DIY pad.
Rotary attachment: Cylindrical engraving will be a snack.
5.Dual smoke filter systems
6.Powerful internal smoke circulation and purification system
New filter device is set inside the machine.
Effectively purify the smoke generated by engraving.
7.Multiple offline modes are offered
Screen: Insert TF card to read files, engrave easily with finger touches.
Wi-Fi: Enjoy prompt engraving with one computer and wireless transmission.
APP: The latest supporting APP.
Draw on your phone and create what you want.


Engraving size 300*200 mm
Machine size 570*430*270 mm
Packing size 635*505*355 mm
Machine weight 17.5 kg
Package weight 20 kg
Laser power 5 W/10W compressed spot laser
Laser wave length 445±5 nm
Output power 35 W-40 W
Material Aluminum profile+metal
XY axis positioning accuracy 0.1 mm
Engraving accuracy 0.1 mm
Engraving speed 10000 mm/min
Engraving method USB/APP/Online/Screen Operation
Engraving materials Stainless steel, plastic, wood, leather, sponge paper, alumina, spraying layer,etc
Document format NC, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG.GCODE
Engraving mode Image carving, test carving, scanning carving, contour carving, pixel carving
Language supported EN.RU.ESFR.IT.ZH-CN, ZH-HK
System supported Windows, Mac
Software supported Laser GRBL (Windows), Lightburn
Continuous working time ≤12 hours
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