Mini Ultra-high-speed Camera | SMI-UHS-1080P-03

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High-Speed Industrial Camera Description:                                                                                                                 

This series is a small high-end, quality, and high-speed camera for high-precision research, national defense, and high-speed industry. It inherits all the fine genes of the 5KF series. By completely reconstructing the electrical circuit, structure, interface, appearance, and protection, 72*72*90 mm extreme structural dimensions, with small size, large memory, high image quality, high performance, multiple functions, multiple interfaces, and impact resistance are achieved.

feature of High-speed industrial camera


  • Extreme structural dimensions:
Structured 4-layer stack compression, smallest size for the same capacity class, and portable integration

  • Long-time recording:
Supports up to 2 TB large non-volatile storage with a continuous recording time of at least 500s

  • Radio and television quality:
Raw data can be recorded, with color optimization module, including white balance, color correction, gamma, algorithms such as denoising, demisting, and sharpening

  • Multi-scene adaptation and ease of use:
Provides rich features such as EDR, PIV, and image triggering, and supports offline mode, quick positioning of key frames, adapting to more scenarios

Application Scenario:
Automobile Crash Inspection High-Precision Research  National Defense Photoelectric measurement, photoelectric tracking
Automobile Crash Inspection High-Precision Research National Defense
High-Speed Industry

dimension of High-speed industrial camera

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