Monochrome Smart Camera | SMI-CS-1280P-02

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product Description

This series of cameras is a black and white smart camera with high cost performance and strong stability. Using the Ubuntu system, the camera SDK is compatible with the Windows platform, which can facilitate the porting work and shorten the development cycle.

Product Features

◆USB2.0 interface, no need for external power supply, plug and play.
◆300,000 to 10 million pixel CMOSCCD.
◆Support 16bit grayscale and 48bit color lossless format output.
◆Support Windows, Linux, ARM Linux, and Android systems.
◆Support external trigger and flash synchronization.
◆With hardware frame buffer, support more than 32 sets.
◆The camera works at the same time. Custom data can be written in the camera.


Sensor: 1/3" CMOS
Shutter type: Global shutter
Camera type: Black and white
Pixel size: 3.75x3.75μm
Effective pixels: 1,220,000
Resolution@Frame Rate: 1280x960@60FPS
Pixel bit depth: 8bit
Sensitivity: 6.1V/lux-s 550nm
GPIO: 1 optical isolation input, 1 optical isolation output.
Acquisition mode: continuous/soft trigger/hard trigger
Maximum gain (multiple): 4
Exposure time range (ms): 0.022~21
Filter: Standard double-sided AR anti-reflection film
Frame buffer: 32M Bytes
User-defined data area: 2K Bytes
Video output format: Mono8/Mono12
Lens interface: The body's CS interface is pre-installed with a detachable 5MMC/CS adapter ring, compatible with C-mount lenses
Data interface: USB2.0TYPEB
Power supply: 5V, USB bus power supply
Power: <2W
Dimensions: 29(mm)X29(mm)X35.7(mm) (excluding lens base and rear shell interface)
Weight: <280g
Working temperature: 0~50 degrees
Working humidity: 20~80% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature: -30~60℃
Storage humidity: 20~95% (non-condensing)
Operating system: WINXP, WIN7/8/1032&64 bit system, Linux and ARMLinux driver (customizable), Android platform driver (customizable)
Driver: Directshow component Halcon dedicated component Labview dedicated driver OCX component TWAIN component
Programming language pack: C/C++/C#/VB6/VB.NET/Delphi/BCB/Python/Java
Other features: Support for ROI of any size, custom resolution, contrast and gamma adjustment, saturation adjustment, white balance correction, black level correction, custom dead point coordinates, ISP image processing acceleration, 3D noise reduction, Custom LUT table, frame rate adjustment, custom camera name, etc.
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