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Product Features

(1)This CPU terminal block is applicable to the wiring and application of kv1000. KV3000 and Kv5000 CPU modules of KEYENCE PLC;
(2)Realize overall wiring by utilizing connector plug;
(3)The wiring content for each terminal block is clearly marked, greatly reducing the workload of wiring;
(4)The output end can be used as an independent connecting point or for the convenient connection of the short-circuiting bar to the common end;
(5)Utilize a LED display, so all input and output status are visible;
(6)With a surge suppressing loop, it can prolong the service life of relay modules and minimize electromagnetic interference in circuits;
(7)The terminal block is structured with 5 mm space, minimizing the space occupation.


MIL Jack Connectors Body Material: PBTV-0 fire rating Reference Standand: UL
Terminal Material: Copper Alloy Rated current: 2.0A
Plating: Needle corner plated with gold Contact resistance: <20 milliohms
European terminal block Body Material: PA 66V-0fire rating Certificate: UL、CE、VDE
Terminal Material: Phosphor copper Rated current: 10A
Plating: Tin plating Torque: 0.4NM(3.5fb -in)
Terminal main body Body Material: PA 66-0 fire rating Certificate: CE
Cover Material: PC V-0 fire rating Fixing screws Material: SUS304
Fasteners: PC V-0 fire rating PCB board material: FR-4
Rated current and voltage specification
Nominal operating current: 1A
Nominal coil voltage: DC24V
For wire: 1.5 mm² Following /AWG16
Output Specifications
RolayCoil Specifications Nominai coll wollage(V): DC 24V
Nominal opersting curent(MA) : 7.5mA
Coil resistance(Ω): 3200Ω
Pick-up Valtage(V) : More70%
Drop-out Voltago(V): Following 5%
Max.allowable voitage(V) : 120%
Nominal operating power(MW): 180 MW
Switch Circuit Contact Specifications Arrangemant: 1a
Inial contaot resistance: 30 mΩ (Voltage drop through the DC6V1A France)
Nomnat switching capecity(resistive load) : 5A 250V AC:5A 30V DC
Max,switching powor(resistive load): 1250V 150W
Max.switching vollage: 5A
Max.switching capacity: 250VAC;110VDC
Min switching capacity: DC100mv100uA
Experiad Life Mechanical: More than 20 million times(Off frequency of 180 times/min)
ElectriaL: 100.000 times or more(3A 250AC,30VDC.Resistive load)
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