Three Fingers Flexible gripper | SMI-SG3F Series

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Product Description

The flexible adaptive gripper FA is a new type of gripper. Its main feature is that the end of the gripper in contact with the workpiece is made of flexible materials. It has the advantages of safe interaction with people, safe interaction with the environment, safe and non-destructive grasping, and high adaptability. The same gripper can grasp workpieces of different shapes, size and weights. When it is contacting with the product, it can passively adapt to the shape and curvature of objects, and it does not need to be customized according to the precise dimension and shape of products. It can start working upon arrival. The gripper is compatible with objects of multiple specifications, no need expensive quick-change system. The flexible mechanical gripper grasps gently and has strong adaptability, especially suitable for grasping fragile products with multiple specifications and irregular shapes.

Product Feature

• Safety: Composed of flexible materials, it will not cause pain even if a human hand is accidentally clamped; with its intrinsic safety, it is suitable for human-machine interaction, so it is widely used in scientific research and service.
• Non-destructive: The material is soft. The elastic structure can offset excess external force, and the grasping does not damage the object. It is very suitable for non-destructive grasping of fruit, glass, ceramics, die-casting objects of powder, and objects with high requirements for surface.
• One-gripper compatibility: It can adapt to the contour of the object. One gripper can grasp workpieces of different shapes, size and special shapes. It is very suitable for grabbing special-shaped objects and flexible production of multi-specification products in one production line.
• Money and time saving: No quick change is required when grabbing objects of multiple specifications, which is efficient and economic. There is no need to customize the shape of the claw according to the shape of the workpiece, and it can be used immediately upon arrival to save time and labor.


SM Model Weight Payload Grab frequency Grab range Grab shape
SMI-SG3F-01 470 g 1100 g 90 times/mins Diameter 20-100 mm Globoid would be the best fit
SMI-SG3F-02 520 g 1100 g 30 times/ mins
SMI-SG3F-03 +50 g 30 g   Diameter 20-140 mm Part of elongated shape
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