Video Spectral Camera | SMI-SC-1080P-01

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Hyperspectral Camera Description:                                                                                                                 

The SmartMoreInside industrial video spectral cameras can combine the spatial image information and spectral information of the target object and use the spectral characteristics of different parts or components of the target object to perform non-destructive, non-contact, fast, and efficient, accurate acquisition, discovery, and identification, classification screening, and analysis applications.
Industrial video cameras are widely used in mounted, portable, indoor, and other application scenarios. They can quickly and accurately obtain on-demand spectral information in fields such as industrial inspection, ecological environment, and precision agriculture.
  • Higher acquisition frame rate
  • Real-time image transmission, real-time viewing of calculation results, and unusual conditions being clear at a glance
  • Support UAV (fixed-wing, rotary-wing, etc.) flight platform integration
  • High-precision radiometric calibration with real-time correction of ambient light radiation. More accurate spectrum data acquisition

feature of Hyperspectral camera


  • 8 channels, can collect more spectral information

  • Various spectral band options, providing a strong data base

  • Support multi-spectral + color RGB simultaneous imaging

  • 1440*1080 HD image resolution

Application Scenario:
Industrial Inspection Ecological Monitoring Precision Agriculture Resources Exploration
Industrial Inspection Ecological Monitoring Precision Agriculture Resources Exploration

dimension of hyperspectral camera

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