Wireless On-screen Handheld Scanner | SMI-HA320-02

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Commercial handheld code reader Description:                                                                                                                 

This series is a high-end scanner that uses the most stable and mature dual wireless technology on the market, and perfectly combines the 2.4G wireless module and the dual-mode Bluetooth module in one. In addition, the wireless two-dimensional scanner has a good feedback mechanism for reading codes. The LCD display on the top can display product-related information in real time; multi-angle visibility and excellent performance provide operators with a better control experience.
◆ The current mainstream and fashionable digital product design style is a revolutionary design innovation of traditional scanner products
◆ The large 1.8-inch TFT color screen can display product information in real time, once again subverting the innovation of the scanner
◆ Using dual wireless (2.4G+Bluetooth) integrated mature high-performance long-distance wireless technology

feature of Commercial handheld code reader


  • The series of products all adopt the latest technology of high-end scanning module, which can meet the user's requirements for scanning performance

  • The screen backlight flashes and vibrates the scanning success prompt, so that customers are pleasing to the eye and experience the joy of work

  • High-capacity battery and mobile phone fast charging technology plus real-time charging base design, allowing users to experience the high-quality wireless scanning gun technology with continuous power

  • Multiple connection methods
    --The 2.4G function can connect wirelessly with devices that don't have Bluetooth
    --It can also be matched with Bluetooth-equipped devices to achieve wireless connection
    --You can also use the data cable to connect to the device

Application Scenario:
Hotel Check-in Registration Shelving Retail
Hotel Check-in Registration Shelving Retail
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