Intelligent Solutions to Guard Higher Reliability: Smart Sensors For Railway Inspection

August 12,2022

The railway track is the most essential part of the railway. A consistent and cost-effective inspection of the railway track ensure the safety and timely operation of the railway network. The main challenge of railway analysis is to detect cracks in railway track structure. If these defects are not controlled at an early stage, and improper maintenance of the track infrastructure may lead to significant loss of revenue and greater impact, such as loss of life due to accidents.


Luckily, the innovations in technology make railway inspection easier than it was before, and smart sensor is one of the most revolutionized advancements in the recent years. Gone are the days when railway track monitoring was done manually, a wide range of railway track problems can now be identified and solved effectively by using smart sensors. How exactly can smart technologies assist railway inspection to become smarter?


Higher accuracy with less costs: The mobile robot track crack detection system has the potential to automatically detect track cracks (including small cracks) without any manual intervention. Compared with traditional detection technology, this smart solution offer faster detection and reporting system, lower cost, lower power consumption and shorter analysis time. In addition, the ease of use of components and the simplicity of ideas make the proposed system very suitable for large-scale implementation with little initial investment.


Real-time monitoring: For the track geometry measurement system, the system utilizes infrared sensor components to detect cracks on the track. If there is a fault on the railway tracks, the system will quickly identify and send it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It has the advantages of low cost, low power consumption and short analysis time.


Smart crack detection: When any crack or deformation is detected on the track, the intelligent image analysis system will identify the position of the crack and obtain the latitude and longitude coordinates of the position. In this way, the system improves the inspection efficiency, reduces the required monitoring time, and provides more accurate and frequent railway track information.


How can SmartMore Help?

SmartMore offers a wide range of innovative measurement systems for railway inspection. The intelligent sensor system adopts a modular structure system, which provides great flexibility in implementing predictive maintenance applications and monitoring solutions. Amongst them, SmartMore 3D laser detection system is one of the best choice for railway industries.


SmartMore 3D laser detection system is an ultra high-speed and high-precision laser 3D profile measuring instrument. With measurements accuracy up to 1 μm, scanning rates reaching 67K profiles per second, and line spot counts achieving 3,200, the instrument can accurately measure black objects with low reflectivity and metal objects with high reflectivity, providing key  industry specifications. In the practical scenarios, our 3D laser scanners are widely used in industries such as structural measurement, architectural measurement, shipbuilding, railway and construction. Interested in exploring more products? Click here to view more details now!