Smart Manufacturing in The Semiconductor Industry

August 05,2022

Today, the realization and development of 5g, the Internet of things, automobiles, data center and so on are based on chips with higher performance and lower power consumption. The continuous progress of chips depends on better design, smaller transistor size, higher transistor density, innovative process architecture (FinFET, GAA), high-performance materials or better packaging strategies. 


The realization of smaller, faster and cheaper chips comes from the improvement of semiconductor manufacturing technology. In the process of semiconductor commercialization, the yield is directly related to the output, production cost and profitability of the enterprise. However, with the geometric increase of chip complexity, the continuous lengthening of the production process, and the entry of the 300mm era of the wafer, chip manufacturing has become extremely complex and precise, and the yield has become extremely challenging.



How Smart Manufacturing Break The Industrial Challenges:SmartMore Offer Efficient Vision Inspection for Semiconductor Industry


In the semiconductor industry, wafers are called "crown jewels". However, the manufacturing process of silicon wafer is complex. Any minor defect may affect the whole production process. On a 12 inch wafer, two or more impurity particles larger than 20 nm are not allowed. Wafer manufacturing process optimization and productivity improvement have been the unremitting pursuit of chip manufacturers. In fact, most companies are still using traditional manual visual inspection. In most cases, their tracking and identifying defects is time-consuming, expensive and difficult.


In response to the urgent production demand of enterprises, SmartMore took on this challenge and launched its powerful product - SMore ViMo, and developed a vision system that allows for manual and automation inspection operation, ensuring exact inspection of the wafer. In particular, SmartMore offer three main approaches to provide efficient vision inspeciton. First, the platform will locate and identify the defects of the same batch of silicon wafers produced in the same period through the defect detection system. After obtaining the defect image set, SMore ViMo will accurately capture the batch, category and location of defects, and generate an aggregate diagram of defects according to the settings or dates. Then, by analyzing the defect aggregation diagram, smore vimo can identify process defects, use them as problem templates, and establish a mapping relationship with the statistical distribution of defects to help quickly identify the occurrence and cause of defects.



Together with SMore ViMo, SmartMore ViScanner series is designed to improve the accuracy of the mold and production efficiency in the semiconductor field. Specifically, the use of one-click parameter adjustment supports simultaneously reading barcodes of multiple IC chips on the tray with changing numbers at a time, which greatly improves the intelligence level of semiconductor production.


In addition, SMore smart code readers can also seamlessly import data into the enterprise's own MES management system and MF-MTS production traceability system through smart code reading platform SMore ViScanner, so as to realize the process from scanning, code-recording, production scheduling, quality management and data tracing, and the overall smart upgrade from the end to the device and even the cloud.


As a high-tech machine vision hardware and software provider for intelligent manufacturing and digitalization, SmartMore aim to remain one step ahead to offer our customers the most innovative and advanced products. Wonder how to improve the efficiency of your business? Click HERE to meet SmartMore, our products will accelerate your smart manufacturing process!