Smart manufacturing: the power of aircraft

July 28,2022

The aerospace manufacturing industry is one of the prominent high-tech industries in the world. The aircraft industry requires highly-intensive knowledge and technology, it can be rendered as an industry with high investment, high added value, and high risk.


As a typical discrete production structure, its manufacturing and maintenance process are relatively complicated compared to other traditional manufacturing industries. There are many types and quantities of supporting parts, especially a large number of structural parts that need machining and assembly - for example, airliners, general aircraft, military products as well as helicopters - which makes the production process and coordination relationship very complicated and the production cycle long. These characteristics make aerospace manufacturing one of the most potential application fields of intelligent manufacturing technology.



The rapid development of information technology and intelligent system affect all works of life in different industries, including the aircraft industry. From the design, testing, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and transportation of tens of thousands of parts to the flight and maintenance of finished products, the application space of intelligent manufacturing technology is everywhere.



The Power of Aircraft Manufacturing Under Smart Technologies



Because for intelligent manufacturing technology, the core content is not to collect data but to carry out corresponding data mining and analysis based on data collection. Therefore, for aviation manufacturing, we can extract a large amount of data generated by on-site execution in the process of on-site manufacturing and mine the associated information hidden in the data, Then model and simulate the changing trend of production and manufacturing according to the information, so as to carry out subsequent prediction and production problem-solving.



The core content of intelligent manufacturing technology is not only data collection, but also data mining and analysis. Thanks to intelligent technology, we can now extract a large amount of data generated by on-site execution during on-site manufacturing. Then, we can mine the relevant information hidden in the data and apply it to the model to simulate the changing trend in the production and manufacturing process. Therefore, the whole system will be able to achieve accurate prediction and excellent production problem-solving.


In addition, intelligent technology can also revolutionize the management of production and monitoring in the aircraft industry. In terms of management tasks, we can now easily manage data and monitor the implementation process at little cost. Further, many industry giants have pointed out that in the future, intelligent production in the aviation industry will soon include automated robots and virtual reality, aiming to improve production speed and reduce costs.



Smarter Solutions Achieve More Powerful Intelligent Systems



For the field of aviation manufacturing, the application of intelligent manufacturing technology can effectively avoid and eliminate uncontrollable factors in the process of product production and manufacturing, greatly shorten the cycle of product research and development and manufacturing, and improve production efficiency and product quality. In addition, because there are fewer uncontrollable factors in this process, there will be fewer problems, and both production costs and operation costs will be greatly reduced.


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