SMore ViScanner aids to visualize the full production cycle

SMore ViScanner aids to visualize the full production cycle

2022-01-17 17:29:01


SmartMore intelligent barcode reader VS1000 was successfully launched in the 3C electricity industry recently, which has been collaborated with the world-leading consumer electronics manufacturer and achieved the visualization of the full production cycle. SmartMore ViScanner VS1000 not only resolves the problem in the client's production line of reading codes, but also help realize the completion of applications and data system management, moreover, enabling the global production collaboration of the manufacturer.


The difficulty of global collaboration


In the wave of manufacturing globalization, the outstanding manufacturer divided different batches of products with various suppliers around the world in accordance with the short production cycle for new product launch, fast renewal and tight production cycle. However, there is still a chance that product shipments will not be made on time as planned due to the unsynchronized production progress of the independent suppliers.


Data Matrix code was adopted as the carrier in the production cycle management for the manufacturer to achieve quality control and production process management. Take their brand laptop for example, there are a dozen of Data Matrix codes engraved on the PCB board inside the computer keyboard, which is distinct from other brand PCs that have only one tracking code. The utilization of barcode reader will provide effective support for management, for example, after the completion of component placement, with the recorded information like production progress and production time etc. But the reading accuracy is not stable under the changeable and easily-reflective factory environment, together with the demanding scenarios, have brought a lot of pressure to the management who had originally relied on code reading to manage quality control  and production process.


Efficient code reading propels visualization of production process


To cope with material reflection, SmartMore ViScanner VS1000 has a built-in polarizer that reduces reflections and allows easy reading without adjusting the reader angle or adding external lighting. Relying on our self-researching Smart Line technology, VS1000 reader can position DPM codes at an extreme speed, increasing the decoding limit speed from the industry average time of 30ms to 5ms, a six-fold increase in speed. Not only the speed is greatly improved, the detection accuracy rate has been stabilized at 99.99%, which truly achieved fast, accurate and stable code reading.


In addition, the ViScanner also helps the manufacturer realize the visualization and controllability of the global factory production process. The coding information from the ViScanner reader can be quickly uploaded to their data management platform, which provides excellent support for the whole cycle management of product production. Easy deployment is another advantage of the ViScanner. Compared with other code readers on the market, VS1000 reader is much simpler to operate and to get started. It can be configured offline and automatically complete lighting adjustment with one key, making it easier to restore or change production lines on site and reducing users' learning costs.

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