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Beam light source Description:                                                                                                                 

The strip light source is especially suitable for imaging occasions with large-sized features, and its length ranges from ten millimeters to several meters, and colors are selectable based on actual needs. Multiple strip light sources can be freely combined, and the illumination angle can also be adjusted according to detection requirements. It is one of the most widely used light sources in machine vision.

feature of Beam light source


  • At a certain working distance, the beam concentration has high brightness, good uniformity, and a relatively small irradiation area.

  • Irradiation at various angles: use ultra-high brightness LED for high-density installation, and provide red, green, blue, white, infrared, ultraviolet, and other colors.
  • Diffuse secondary light source, with uniform illumination and no shadow effect, has an outstanding detection effect on the metal surface when detecting the scars on mirror reflectors such as wafers or glass substrates.
  • Shadowless: use ultra- high brightness LED for vertical light irradiation, and provide red, green, blue, white, infrared, ultraviolet, and other colors .

Application Scenario:
character shape recognition Disordered sorting microscope illumination surface inspection  
Character shape recognition Defect detection Microscope illumination Surface inspection  

                                    dimensions of Annular light source

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