Digital Controller | SMI-24V120-4C1

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This product is a vertical four-channel digital controller, each channel can be controlled individually. This controller has two adjustment methods, manual or remote; 1000-level brightness adjustment range; digital display function on the front panel; manual adjustment of the light source through buttons, and a lock screen function to prevent misoperation; RS232 interface or network port for remote communication with the computer; through the external trigger source to trigger the light source on/off.


Mechanical parameters
Shell Material: Steel Plate
Shell Color: Black
Dimensions: 120*100*80(H*L*W)
Weight: 800g
Cooling method: Forced cooling
Number of channels: 4
Input voltage: 100-240VAC
Output voltage: DC24V
Output current: Four channels simultaneously output total current 5A; single channel maximum current 2.5A
Maximum efficiency: >80%
Maximum power consumption: 120W
Dimming parameters
Dimming method: PWM control
Brightness level: Level 1000
Manual adjustment: Set the channel and brightness level through the buttons on the panel.
Remote adjustment: Remotely set the brightness level of each channel through the RS232 serial port or network port, and set the light source of each channel on and off.
RS232 communication baud rate: 19200bps
Save and lock/unlock function: Press and hold the M function key for 2 seconds to save the current brightness value and lock the screen; when you need to unlock, press the M function key for 2 seconds to unlock.
Trigger parameters
External trigger mode: Positive and negative triggers are optional (refer to wiring instructions for specific wiring methods); External input electrical parameters: voltage 12 to 24V, current 56mA
External trigger input: Through high and low level input, the light source can be remotely controlled on and off.
Trigger delay time: <40us
External trigger frequency: ≤1K Hz
Protection function
Overcurrent protection: Single channel over 3A over-current protection, ERROR light is on.
Short circuit protection: With short-circuit protection function, the output is turned off when in the protection state, the ERROR light is on.
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