Gigabit Network Color Line Scan Camera | SMI-CGiL-4K-04

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Line Scan Camera Description:                                                                                                                 

This series of products is an industrial line scan camera for industrial production of large-format inspection and high-speed pipeline inspection; using domestic chips, GigE interface; 4K high resolution, up to 28KHz line frequency, greatly improving the production efficiency and detection in the field of industrial inspection Accuracy: Integrate a variety of ISP image algorithms and functions, and support external trigger modes such as line trigger and frame trigger. It is an economical product with high performance and low cost, which enhances product competitiveness for customers.
◆Support multiple trigger modes such as encoder synchronous trigger, photoelectric sensor and encoder combined synchronous trigger.
◆The hardware supports the automatic stitching function of pixel ROI in the horizontal direction and any line in the vertical direction (not exceeding the specified upper limit).

feature of Line Scan Camera


  • The line frequency can be up to 50K, and the software can be set freely.

  • The color camera is three-line RGB independent output.

  • Black and white supports 3-line TDI mode, which doubles the brightness, reduces the requirements for the light source. Gigabit Ethernet port, supports PoE power supply, and the maximum transmission distance is 100 meters.

  • Support the frequency division and multiplication of the encoder signal, and accurately match the motion platform. The hardware ISP supports Gamma, contrast, lens shading correction, etc.

Application Scenario:
Semiconductor Inspection PCB Inspection AOI Inspection Screen Detection
Semiconductor Inspection PCB Inspection AOI Inspection Screen Detection

dimension of Line Scan Camera

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