industrial vision camera, quality inspection equipment, industrial camera for machine vision
  • industrial vision camera, quality inspection equipment, industrial camera for machine vision

10 Gigabit Network Monochrome Line Scan Camera | SMI-C10GiL-8K-01M

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Line Scan Camera Description:                                                                                                                 

This series of cameras adopts 10 Gigabit Ethernet, which is backward compatible with 100/1G/2.5G/5G Ethernet, and is transmitted over Category 6 or Category 7 copper cables, with a maximum transmission distance of 100 meters; the camera has built-in color correction, gamma correction and other ISP processing functions To reduce host-side processing requirements; Support multi-camera working at the same time, free operation and synchronous trigger; can be equipped with a variety of high pixel and high frame rate area scan, line scan image sensors to meet the needs of customers in different industries; reliable data packet retransmission function, stable image transmission Reliable without dropping frames; The POE can be customized, and the optical fiber transmission can be customized to further increase the transmission distance.
◆With multi-exposure automatic switching function.
◆The fan interface is reserved to effectively control the camera temperature.
◆The cost of the method of interface matching with capture card is greatly reduced.

feature of Line Scan Camera


  • Using standard 10 Gigabit ethernet interface design, the super-category 6 network cable can achieve stable communication. Compared with the CameraLink interface with a capture card, the cost is greatly reduced.

  • The farthest transmission distance can be up to 100 meters, and the industrial field wiring is no longer restricted and backward compatible with gigabit networks.

  • The effective bandwidth is 1200MByet, which is 10 times that of dry meganet, which greatly shortens the image transmission time and delay.

  • Support GigEVisionGenICam standard and the same SDK as Gigabit camera, shorten the development cycle of customers.

Application Scenario:
Semiconductor Inspection PCB Inspection AOI Inspection Screen Detection
Semiconductor Inspection PCB Inspection AOI Inspection Screen Detection

dimension of Line Scan Camera

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