Open-hole Surface Light | SMI-CFK-200-01

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The open-hole surface light source series is a high-uniformity surface-emitting method, which can provide softer lighting. The low working distance is the effect close to the ambient light, and the high working distance can achieve the effect close to the coaxial light. Some samples can replace the coaxial light.


LED Color: Red
Wavelength: 625nm
Current (5±%): 0.814A max
Power (5±%): 19.536W max
Illuminance(WD:0mm): 16290Lux
Input Voltage: DC24V
Weight: 1.08KG (10±%)
Working Temperature:
The bottom plate temperature is expected to be within 40 ℃,
and the temperature in other areas is expected to be within 30 ℃.
(The above is the laboratory test data, which is for reference only. There may be differences in practice!)
Cable Length: 500mm(+0mm,-35mm)
Input Connector: SMR light source connector (1: output + 3: output -)
Opreating Environment: Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃ (The brightness of the light source varies with the temperature)
Humidity 20 ~ 85% RH (non condensing) (No ice and frost, no sharp temperature change)
Storage Environment: Temperature - 20 ~ 60 ℃ Humidity 20 ~ 85% RH (non condensing)
Certifications: CE / RoHS / ISO-9001
Remind: When the light source works normally, it belongs to the glare of strong light and do not look directly at the
luminous area; It is recommended to use the light source controller produced by our company to control
the light source on and off through external trigger; This is conducive to improving the service life and
brightness stability of the light source.
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