area scan camera, industrial area scan camera, usb 3.0 industrial camera
  • area scan camera, industrial area scan camera, usb 3.0 industrial camera

GigE Color Area Scan Industrial Camera | SMI-CGi-4000P-01

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Area Scan Camera Description:                                                                                                                 

This series of camera parameter archives are saved in the form of files, which is convenient for mass production and release, easy to develop, and compatible across platforms; it supports simultaneous operation of multiple cameras, and the work is stable and reliable; it supports 8bit, 24bit, and 32bit image data format output; supports small resolution and high frame rate Preview, large resolution snapshot function, seamless switching; support resolution customization function, view cropping (ROI), BIN, SKIP snapshot, zoom functions can be freely combined and set to match different aspect ratios and field of view requirements.

• Stable transmission to 100 meters long distance, support POE power supply.
• Compatible with VISION standard, and directly support Halcon, VisionPro and other software without driver.
• Support external trigger and flash synchronization, up to 7 GPIOs, all optically isolated.
• Support 16bit grayscale and 48bit color lossless format output.

feature of Area Scan Camera


  • Support multiple cameras to work at the same time, the number is not limited, and it can be networked arbitrarily.

  • Unique data packet retransmission technology to ensure reliable data transmission.

  • Excellent SDK design, as simple as using a USB camera, plug and play.

  • SDK supports Windows, LinuxMacOS systems.

Application Scenario:
Semiconductor Inspection PCB Inspection AOI Inspection Screen Detection
Semiconductor Inspection PCB Inspection AOI Inspection Screen Detection

dimension of Area Scan Camera

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