industrial barcode scanner, handheld barcode reader, barcode readers and scanners
  • industrial barcode scanner, handheld barcode reader, barcode readers and scanners

Industrial Scanner | SMI-HA330-01

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Product Description

SMI-HA330-01 is an industrial-grade wired handheld barcode reader. Using a megapixel sensor, an efficient processor, and a well-designed lighting unit, it can quickly read paper barcodes, laser engraved barcodes and other methods to generate barcodes, fully meeting the barcode reading needs of industrial manufacturing sites.

Product Feature

◆Excellent barcode reading performance
The megapixel CMOS sensor with excellent image and decoding algorithms greatly improves reading fluency and depth of field. It can meet various reading scenarios such as label barcode, laser engraving barcode and dot matrix barcode.
◆General communication interfaces
At the same time, it supports USB keyboard, USB emulated serial port and RS232 communication, and also provides wireless blue tooth communication.
◆Various feedback prompts
At the same time, it has LED light prompts, buzzer voice prompts and vibration induction prompts to ensure timely and accurate reading feedback under noisy environments.
◆Industrial-grade design for harsh environments
The fuselage is designed with an IP65 protection level, which can withstand more than 30 drops from 1.8 meters. Products are robust and durable, minimizing failure rates.


Model SMI-HA330-01
Light source Visible red light
Interface supported USB keyboard, USB emulated serial port, RS232
Current 380 mA
Reading angle 360°(Rotation), 60° (Tilt), 55°(Skew)
Indication mode LED indication, Buzzer indication, Vibration indication
Operating voltage 4.75 - 5.25 VDC
Standby current 140 mA
Dimension 199 mm *77 mm * 94 mm
Weight 261 g ( excluding cable)
Environmental parameter
Ambient light resistance 0- 100,000 Lux
Drop height Can bear drops from 1.8 meters to the ground 30 times
Operating temperature -10°C ~45°C
Storage temperature -30°C ~60°C
Relative humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Safety regulation
IP grade IP65
Certificate CE、RoHS
Image type Regional image (1024*800)
Minimum printing contrast 20%
Motion tolerance 100 cm/s
Scan angle 45°(Horizontal), 30° (Vertical)
Symbology Can read 1D, 2D and stacked codes that are in line with national and international standard
Maximum reading accuracy (SMI-HA330-01) 1D code: 5 mil 2D code: 7.5 mil
Maximum reading accuracy(SMI-HA330-01 HD) 1D code: 3 mil 2D code: 5 mil

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