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Product Description

SMI-HA330-02 is an industrial-grade high-performance barcode reader, which adopts industrial-grade CMOS sensor and efficient decoding algorithm, supports 1D barcode, 2D barcode, OCR-A/B character recognition; adopts design of area scan light source and mechanism of software and hardware processing. It can quickly process images and decode, and can meet the needs of multiple labels, large field of view, long distance, medium and high speed code-reading; manual focusing can achieve a good balance between ease of use and economy. With standard C-mount design, lenses with different focal lengths can be configured according to application requirements.

Product Feature

◆Visualized setting software
Real-time image viewing is convenient for users to install and locate; the graphical setting interface is easy to use and understand.
◆Industrial-grade product standard
IP65; various I/O interfaces and flexibly configurable.
◆Simple and fast lens adjustment device and automatic parameter optimization function
Quickly adjust the focusing position of the lens through the adjustment device, shorten the debugging and installation and deployment time; automatically adjust the parameters through the automatic parameter optimization function, which is more convenient to use.
◆Powerful lighting unit
Using area array LED lighting units of high-brightness, the lighting area is more even and wider, meeting the application requirements of large-view code reading and high-speed code reading.
◆Networking function
It can be used together with the ECS controller to realize the coordination of multiple devices (can support 9 devices for networking).
◆Powerful decoding algorithm
It can read 1D and 2D paper barcodes at high speed that meet national and international standards, and supports OCR-A/B character recognition.


Model SMI-HA330-02
Sensor 1/1.8 inch CMOS, Global shutter
Resolution 1600*1200
Light source Array LED light source, Red light and white light is optional
Power 3 W (Standby), 9 W (Peak)
Operating voltage 20-30 VDC
Dimension 108 mm*107 mm*65 mm
Weight 513 g
Operating temperature -20°C -50°C
Storage temperature -25°C -70°C
Focusing mode Manual focusing
Trigger mode Instruction trigger; I/O trigger; continuous code reading mode; Button trigger
I/O type 2 isolation input; 4 isolation output
Acquisition speed 45 frames/sec
Camera type C Mount, 12 mm, 16 mm, 25mm
LED indication 4 LED indicator light (Power、Reading successful, Reading failed, Automatic adjustment)
Communication mode Ethernet, RS232
IP grade IP65
Code and characters supported 1D codes, 2D codes and stacked codes that are in line with national and international standard
Enclosure protection Aluminium alloy
Certificate CE, RoHS

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