Frame Grabber | SMI-IMCA-01

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Product Features

◎ PCIe Gen3 x 4;
◎ Support 1-4 channels of CoaXPress arbitrary topology connection;
◎ CoaXPress camera power, control and trigger;
◎ Image capture speed up to 25Gbps;
◎ Image buffer up to 8Gb;
◎ Each link speed up to 6.25Gbps;
◎ Fan speed automatically adjusts based on FPGA temperature for optimized cooling and noise performance;
◎ DIN 1.0/2.3 interface and 4-way three-color LED status indicator;
◎ Support CoaXPress single channel up to 13W power supply;
◎ Compatible with CoaXPress V1.1.1 standard; Compatible with GenICam standard;
◎ Flexible IO: 2 differential/single-ended inputs; 2 opto-isolated outputs; 1 quadrature rotary encoder input;
◎ Support Windows7/10 32/64bit operating system;
◎ Support Linux operating system;
◎ Support SDK development library of C, C++, C#;
◎ GUI configuration tool.


Pixel depth: 8/10/12/14/16 bit
Pixel formats: Raw, Mono, Bayer, RGB
Number of cameras: Support 1-4 topological connections of any line sequence
Graphics Interface: 4-way DIN 1.0/2.3 CoaXPress with PoCXP
Image speed: (1.25G, 2.5G, 3.125G, 5G, 6.25G) x4
PCIE speed: PCIe 3.0x4
PCIE payload: 128/256 bytes
Protocol support: CoaXPress1.1/1.1.1 ; GenICam ; GenTL
Acquisition speed: 18.7Gbps(MAX)
Scan type: Area Scan, Line Scan
Trigger input: support 2 signal inputs (optical isolation); maximum frequency 1MHz; level standard supports RS422, TTL and differential input (5-24V)
Encoder input: support one quadrature AB phase input (optical isolation); maximum frequency 1MHz; level standard supports RS422, TTL and differential input (1-24V)
Flash control: support two-way signal output (optical isolation), the maximum frequency is 80kHz
Cooling method: fan cooling
Working temperature: 0-55℃
Memory management: supports circular buffering, accumulates frames/lines into a single buffer, DMA buffers are filled directly into system memory
System requirements: System: Windows7/10 32/64bit;Hardware:PCIe 3.0 × 4 Slot
GUI: Multi-camera display and configuration Image/video recording and playback

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