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Product Description

It is an embedded edge machine vision platform designed for industrial application. it can effectively dissipate the heat generated by GPU, and guarantee system operation of up to 60°C ambient temperature. It is equipped with various I/O interface, such as PoE+ and isolated DI/DO. In addition, it also features massive expansion port to enhance accessibility.

Product Features

◆Direct-contact passive cooling system with high performance
◆IP5X protection
◆-20℃-60℃ operating temperature
◆4*Gigabit PoE+ Port, IEEE 802.3at protocol
◆Various I/O interface and expansion


Processor NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier    
Machine vision performance Up to 32 T OPS    
CPU 8-core ARM v8.2 64-bit CPU    
GPU 512-core Volta GPU    
Memory 32 GB 256-Bit LPDDR41    
DL Accelerator 2*NV DLA Engines    
Storage 32 GB eMMC 5.1    
Processor NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier    
Video encode 4*4Kp608*4Kp3016*1080p6032*1080p30(H.265)4*4Kp608*4Kp3014*1080p6030*1080p30(H.264)    
Video decode 2*8Kp306*4Kp6012*4Kp3026*1080p6052*1080p30(H.265)4*4Kp608*4Kp3016*1080p6032*1080p30(H.264)    
Power supply    
Input type DC    
Input voltage Wide input 14-48 V (Optional) 24-48 V for PoE    
Typical consumption 50 W    
Dimension (W*H*D) 226 mm*70 mm*114.5 mm (I/O ports and mounting holes excluded)    
Weight 2.3 Kg    
Operating temperature -20C-60C, 0.2-0.3m/s air flow²    
Storage temperature -25℃-80℃    
Storage humidity 10%-90% non-condensing    
Vibration 5gn, 10Hz-150Hz, 3 Axis³    
Protection IP5X    
ESD Touch 4 KV, Air 8 KV    
TVS 500 V    
Certificate Status    
CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS, SRRC Processing    
  Interface Quantity Note
Function KEY Recovery Button 1  
Power Button 1  
Network/Camera Ethernet 1*Gigabit Port4*PoE+ Gigabit Port IEEE 802.3 at PoE+25.5W
Video output HDMI 1*HDMI 2.0 TYPE A 5 V 1A
USB USB 3*USB 3.1 gen1TYPE A1*USB 2.0 TYPE A USB 5V, 1AUSB 2.0 Flashing Port
I/O UART 2*RS2322*RS4851*TTL DB9 TerminalTTL 3.3V for GPS Function
CAN 2 Two CAN in One DB9TerminalWith CAN chip, terminalresistor 120 Ω
GPIO 8*Isolated DI8*Isolated DO DI 3.3-50 V DCDO 5-40 V DC
User expansion TF Socket 1*TF Slot MicroSD card supported
M.2 1*M.2 M Key 2280 SIZE NVME SSD
Mini PCle 2  
Nano SIM Socket 2 For Nano SIM Card

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