How Does Industrial Machine Vision Work in Electric Vehicle Production?

How Does Industrial Machine Vision Work in Electric Vehicle Production?

2023-04-04 15:11:36

OpenMV is a versatile and user-friendly machine vision module that has made significant strides in simplifying machine vision implementation in various applications. It is an all-in-one solution that integrates a camera, a microcontroller, and a variety of machine-learning algorithms to provide users with an easy-to-use platform for building their machine vision projects.


Meanwhile, machine vision products are also contributing to one industry that has observed rapid development in recent years – the electric vehicle (EV) sector. The increasing concern for the surrounding environment and the drive towards sustainable transportation has spurred innovation in the EV market. Electric vehicles have quickly become a popular alternative to conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, with more and more manufacturers investing in developing advanced EV technologies.


The intersection of industrial machine vision technology and the fast-growing EV industry has the potential to revolutionize the way of manufacturing EVs. Industrial machine vision can help control electric vehicles' quality to innovate and improve electric vehicles' performance, safety, and user experience.


Applications of Industrial Machine Vision in EV Production


The following are the ways in which industrial machine vision can be applied to EV production:


Chassis System


In electric vehicle (EV) production, industrial machine vision is helpful for inspecting and quality controlling chassis system components, incorporating bearings, brake discs, and steering knuckles. Leveraging advanced optical sensors, high-resolution cameras, and cutting-edge image processing algorithms, industrial machine vision systems capture and analyze images to detect manufacturing defects, dimensional inaccuracies, and surface anomalies in real-time.  


During production, these systems process the captured image, comparing it against predefined CAD models and tolerance thresholds to identify deviations and irregularities.


Electrical Control System


In producing electric vehicles (EVs), industrial machine vision also plays a crucial role in the quality assurance and efficiency of electrical control systems, specifically in the assembly and inspection of dashboard components, center control screens, and body control modules (BCMs).


High-resolution cameras and advanced image processing algorithms are utilized to capture and analyze images of the components in real time, enabling precise alignment and secure connections during the assembly process, and detect misaligned components, soldering issues, or missing elements, certifying the reliability and performance of the electrical control systems.  


Battery Inspection


In the EV production process, industrial machine vision is equally significant in battery inspection, ensuring the integrity and quality of battery modules and packs for optimal performance and safety. Utilizing high-resolution cameras, precision optics, and advanced lighting techniques, the machine vision system captures detailed images of the battery components at various stages of assembly.


Subsequently, these images are processed by complicated algorithms, which detect and analyze scratches, dents, or contamination and verify the accuracy of features like welding points, adhesive applications, and barcode readability. Apart from that, the system also measures cell spacing and interconnect distances for compliance with strict tolerances.



How Machine Vision Products Work in EV Production


Now, the following are the ways in which machine vision products work in EV production:


Industrial Barcode Scanner


The industrial barcode scanner, a key component of the industrial machine vision product suite, gets used in producing Electric Vehicles (EVs) efficiently by facilitating seamless track and trace capabilities for each individual component. Since these scanners utilize unconventional optical sensors and powerful image processing algorithms, they rapidly and accurately capture, decode, and transmit barcode data on parts and sub-assemblies throughout manufacturing.


In the dynamic and complex environment of EV production, this real-time tracking and tracing system helps monitor quality control and rationalize inventory management, ensures regulatory compliance, and maintains complete traceability across the entire supply chain.



Industrial Camera


Industrial machine vision products like industrial cameras capture high-resolution images by implementing sophisticated sensor technology to acquire and process images at a rapid pace, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of EV components and assembly processes.


By identifying minute defects, verifying part dimensions, and validating assembly integrity, the industrial cameras contribute to a streamlined production line with reduced intervention.



SMore ViMo Industrial Platform


The SMore ViMo industrial platform revolutionizes EV production through its unique machine vision technology, seamlessly integrating into the manufacturing process; the system leverages advanced smart algorithms to analyze and interpret the captured data in real-time meticulously.


SMore ViMo is a comprehensive no-code platform designed for smart industrial applications, offering a wide range of services such as OCR, detection, segmentation, and classification for over 1,000 use cases. The platform streamlines the entire process through data labeling, data management, project design, project management, model training, and model operation. SMore ViMo's versatility makes it suitable for numerous industrial scenarios, including recognizing distorted characters, laser engraving, multi-object detection, and crack identification.



The Manufacturing Ability of SmartMoreInside


SmartMoreInside provides many products like Measurement Systems, Industrial Machine Vision, Control Systems, and industrial barcode scanners, including SMore VS1000, a highly recommended one equipped with a high-performance chip and automatic parameter adjustment.


Without a doubt, SMore VS1000 is a product of SmartMorelnside with high-quality features. For example, it can collect data at 60fps and has an automatic mechanical focusing method that adapts to a working scene of 100-1000 mm code reading. Users have access to code-reading solutions that are quick, reliable, and adaptable thanks to SMore VS1000P. 




SmartMoreInside, a barcode scanner manufacturer as well as a provider of numerous other industrial machine vision products, offers innovative and affordable solutions while having a global network of over 1000 employees and one of the largest R&D teams with 700 employees. SmartMorelnside has expanded to 200 products and has a reputation for delivering high-quality standards that have bonded customers across numerous product generations.  

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