Vi-Controller: a super brain for inspection

Vi-Controller: a super brain for inspection

2022-09-14 18:36:13

Classification of vision controller

From the composition of the structure, the typical machine vision system can be divided into the following categories: PC or and embedded machine system.


PC based vision system


  1. PC - based Vision System

PC vision system is a kind of vision system based on personal computer (PC), which is generally composed of light source, optical lens, CCD or CMOS camera, image acquisition card, image processing software and a PC mechanism. The machine vision application system based on PC has large scale of application regarding of the size and complex degree of the scenario. It can achieve ideal accuracy and speed, and realize more complex system functions.


  1. Embedded Vision system: Smart Camera or Vision Sensor

The embedded vision system is easy to learn, easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to install and so on, which can build a reliable and effective machine vision system in a short period of time.  Thus it greatly improves the development speed of the application system.


embedded vsion system


What is SMore Vi-Controller

SMore Vi-Controller, based on the technology and accumulation of SmartMore’s database and 20 years of experience of machine vision and machine learning, has a vast application scenario i8n the field of size measurement, robot positioning assembly, parts assembly, defect detection, OCR and bar code recognition and other visual applications.


SMore VI-Controller is a rich tool-set, supporting multiple cameras and covering the scene of identification, positioning, alignment, size measurement and defect detection. It can seamlessly connect with cameras from different manufacturers, as well as SMore ViMo platform, equipped with OCR, classification, detection and other algorithms, and the algorithm can run at millisecond level. It seamlessly connects to the SMore ViMo Smart Industrial platform, helping users achieve their testing needs easily, quickly, and efficiently at a low cost.


SMore Vi-Controller


Features and characters:


  • Supports a maximum of 1000 storage Settings
  • Four cameras aresupported to take images simultaneously or separately
  • High-performance industrial CPU, multi-core processor
  • Supportsoutput of four light sources
  • Equipped with 16 I/O points (8 input, 8 output), 2 RS-232/ Ethernet interfaces, 2 TCP/IP interfaces (1 FTP interface)



Advantages of Vi-Controller:


  • Support multiple scenarios:

Vi-Controller supports various complex scenarios of appearance detection, including the application of processing parts manufacturing and electronic components quality inspection, engine assembly inspection

  • Multi-pruning control:

Vi-Controller supports a mode of multi cameras with algorithm’s processing speed at millisecond level. More of that, it has the advantage of multi-pruning ratiocination and control, which can drastically improve efficiency by 10 times more.

  • Rich communication:

It supports mainstream camera devices in the market including TCP/IP communication, I/O terminal control and data output, and PLC communication, covering most communication application scenarios.

  • Abundant algorithm:

SMore Vi-Controller is integrated with a broad and powerful vision toolkit, and equipped with SmartMore’s unique machine vision algorithm which can fulfill the detection requirements of scenes such as identification, positioning, alignment, size measurement and defect detection.

  • Fast Delivery Speed:

It’s easy to learn and easy to use with zero programming requirements to be able to quickly complete orders and delivery regarding visual projects.

  • Easy to install:

SMore Vi-Controller has strong adaptability to temperature and humidity with the full aluminum shell design, can meet most of the industrial environment and can be deployed in the electrical cabinet, saving plenty of production space.




SMore Vi-Controller is a super brain equipped with highly integrated algorithms to help form a smoother workload while speeding up the whole process. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

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