3D Structured Light Camera | SMI-3DSL-2000-01/SMI-3DSL-2000-02

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3D structured light camera Description:                                                                                                                 

This model of the 3D Camera is suitable for small workpieces in scenarios such as loading and unloading, small frame/tray sorting, and assembly. The highly-integrated lightweight body design meets the needs of short-distance positioning for robot arm-mounted installations and is also friendly to small-load collaborative robots.

The structured light 3D camera is small in size, has high precision and high cycle time, and can be fast deployed, and conveniently maintained. Its accuracy can reach ±0.03mm, the point cloud data can be output in 0.6s, and the positioning time is less than 3s, which can meet the high cycle of the production line.

The structured light camera has a high degree of intelligence and strong versatility and does not require secondary development, helping users to achieve flexibility in production lines, reducing labor input and tooling customization costs, and improving manufacturing production efficiency.

feature of 3D structured light camera


  • This structured light 3D camera applies to scenarios with a short distance, narrow views, and small workpieces, even where a dark or black object requires recognition and positioning, it can work under a maximum illumination of 50000lux.

  • The structured light 3D camera uses high-level shock-resistant and shock-proof hardware, which is stable and reliable. The software optimization algorithm of this structured light camera eliminates lens distortion and ensures the accuracy of data collection.

  • With the small size and lightweight, the structured light 3D camera matches lightweight mechanical arms, it also has the features of high takt time, 0.6s output point cloud data, and IP65 protection level.
  • It is easy to install and is not limited by the place of use and purpose.

Application Scenario:
Material frame workpiece sorting Assembly CNC loading and unloading Robotics
Material frame workpiece sorting Assembly CNC loading and unloading Robotics

dimension of 3D structured light camera

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