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Product Description

1. Optional CPU model
The optional Intel package is FCLGA1151 6th/7th generation series CPU, which can flexibly adapt to customer's product needs.
2. Optional memory capacity
The memory adopts the memory slot scheme, which is suitable for conventional DDR4 notebook memory modules in the market, and flexibly adapts to customers' needs for memory.
3. Fully sealed, fanless design
The entire chassis adopts a structure combining aluminum alloy and sheet metal to eliminate noise and prevent dust. The aluminum alloy fin heat dissipation design increases the passive heat dissipation effect by 50% compared with the previous traditional design.
4. No cable, modular design
The internal modules are hard-connected without cables, which improves the reliability of signal conversion and assembly efficiency, while greatly improving the mean time between failures and maintenance efficiency.
5. Better anti-vibration design
The fixing method of PCI/PCIE boards is more reliable than the previous traditional methods, which solves the phenomenon that the previous boards are easy to loosen and have poor contact after long-term use.

Product Feature

◆Intel Kabylake/Skylake Core I3/I5/I7 FCLGA1151 series CPU
◆DDR4-2133/2400MHz SODIMM memory design, up to 16GB
◆1*2.5 inch SATA3.0, support 2.5 inch hard disk (2*2.5 inch SATA3.0 can be selected before leaving the factory)
◆HDMI+VGA dual display mode, support 4K monitor
◆2*Intel I211-AT 10/100/1000M network port
◆4*USB3.0, 2*USB2.0 (built-in)
◆4*3 lines RS-232, 1*RS-485
◆Built-in 1*MINI PCIe slot, support mSATA
◆Built-in optional 1*MINI PCIe slot, support 3G/4G/WIFI module
◆DC 24V power supply, with anti-reverse, over-current protection
◆ Internal can provide DC 12V/ 24V power supply
◆Aluminum alloy and sheet metal shell, fanless cooling design.


System Hardware
processor: schema: Skylake Kabylake
model: G4400 I3-6100 I5-6400 I5-6500 I7-6700 G3930 I3-7100 G4560
kernel: 2C2T 2C4T 4C4T 4C4T 4C8T 2C2T 2C4T 2C4T
main frequency: 3.3Ghz 3.7 Ghz 2.7Ghz 3.2Ghz 3.40Ghz 2.9Ghz 3.90Ghz 3.30Ghz
cache: 3MB 3MB 6MB 6MB 8MB 2MB 3MB 3MB
Power consumption: 54W 51W 65W 65W 65W 51W 51W 54W
RAM: 260-Pin DDR4-2133/2400MHz SODIMM single-channel memory, can support up to 16GB
operating system: Support Win7/Win10/Linux and other systems
Graphics card: Collection display
BIOS: AMI BIOS, support to modify the boot LOGO function
Watchdog: Support 256 levels (0~255), programmable
power supply
powered by: DC IN 24V, the default shipping configuration is 24V/4A power adapter
Start method: The default power-on self-start (the trigger boot mode can be customized before leaving the factory)
Power switch: 1 push button switch for power indicator
Display function
Display Mode: 1 standard DB15 VGA interface, the maximum resolution is 1920*1080
1 standard HDMI interface, the maximum resolution is 4096*2304@24Hz
Backup restore
One-click backup (Backup): 1 90-degree double-layer touch button
One-click recovery (Recovery):
Indicator light: 1 green backup and restore indicator
panel ,I/O,interface
Serial port I: 1 standard double-layer DB-9 socket, default is 4 3-wire RS-232
Serial port II: 1 RS-485
LAN: 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
USB-I: 4 USB3.0
Power interface: 1 2PIN Phoenix terminal
Remote/trigger switch: 1 trigger switch interface (ie backup switch, remote switch)
Storage I: 1 7+15PIN SATA3.0 interface (2 SATA3.0 optional before delivery), support 2.5-inch hard disk (128GB/256GB/500GB/1TB optional)
Storage II: 1 mSATA slot, support mSATA (capacity 64/128/256/480/512GB optional)
USB II: 1 single-layer heightened USB2.0, can be connected to a dongle
1 USB2.0 pin
Optional RS-232: 1 built-in optional male 3-wire RS-232
DIP switch: PIN1: Power-on self-boot ON or trigger boot OFF
PIN2: Clear CMOS
Extension ports: PCX-9268-B1 1 PCIE X16 slot (PCIE X8 signal)
1 PCIE X4 slot (PCIE X2 signal)
PCX-9268-B2 1 PCI slot
1 PCIE X16 slot (PCIE X8 signal)
12V power supply: DC 12V, maximum current up to 10A
24V power supply: DC 24V, current size is determined by input current
Electrical Characteristics
Operating temperature: -20℃~60℃
storage temperature: -40℃~85℃
Relative humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing
Power consumption: 16.8W (Standby@24V/0.7A), 62.4W (Max@24V/2.6A)
Installation method: Desktop stand installation
size: 137.5*238*194.66mm(L*W*H)
weight: About 4.3KG
Relevant certificates: CE,FCC,ROHS

Structure Size


Easy Handling of Various Occasions


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