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Product Description

It is a fully functional, small size industrial computer. It uses a Baytrail Intel®Celeron J1900 processor, onboard DDR3L 1333MHz memory (up to 4GB). PCX-9502 contains the following interfaces: 3*LAN, 1*HDMI, 1*VGA, 8*GPIO, 4*RS-232, 1*RS-485, 4*USB2.0, 1*USB3.0. For the machine vision application of 1-2 industrial cameras, we designed 2*DC OUT 12V for the power supply of industrial cameras. In addition, we also designed a one-key backup and one-key recovery. It is easy to operate. The case of pcx-9502 is made of aluminum alloy without fan. It uses a high-speed and stable SSD storage scheme instead of the traditional mechanical hard disk scheme, the calorific value is reduced by 90%.

Product Feature

◆Intel®Celeron J1900 CPU,2MB Cache,4Cores, 4 Threads,2.0GHz ,TDP 10 W
◆ Onboard 4GB DDR3L 1333MHz memory, up to 4GB
◆2*Intel I211-AT 10/100/1000M networt
◆1*Intel I210-AT 10/100/1000M network,support beckhoff protocol
◆1*USB3.0,4*USB2.0,4*GPI, 4*GPO,1*MSATA
◆ 4*RS-232(standard configuration is 2*RS-232),1*RS-485
◆ With one-key backup and one-key recovery function
◆DC 12V power supply,2*DC OUT 12V
◆Easy to integrate and maintain


Core function
CPU: Intel®Celeron J1900,2MB Cache, 4Cores, 4 Threads,2.00GHz ,TDP 10W,22nm
Memory: Onboard 4GB DDR3L 1333MHz memory(You can also customize 2GB)
OS support: Windows 7/Linux
BIOS: AMI BIOS,Support to modify the boot LOGO
Power Requirement: DC IN 12V,12V/3A
start-up: This machine can turn itself on when it is charged.
Switch I: 1*Press-button switch with lamp
Switch II: 1*Trigger switch
I/O Interfaces
LAN: 3*GE, One of them uses the Intel® I210-AT network chip,the other two use the Intel® I211-AT network chip.
USB I: 4*USB2.0(1 of them built-in)
USB II: 1*USB3.0
Serial port 1-4: 4*three-wire RS-232,Adopt double-layer DB9 interface
HDMI: 1*HDMI,The maximum resolution is 1920*1080.
VGA: 1*VGA interface, The maximum resolution is 1920*1080.
GPI: GPIO with opto-isolator, 4*GPI, 4*GPO, 24V
Power output: 2*DC 12V OUT, the power is 15W.
COM5: 1*RS-485
Backup & Recovery: 1*One-key backup button
1*One-key recovery button
Indicator light: 1*Green indicator light When the indicator light is on, the system is performing backup or recovery operations.
WDT: Support level 256 (0~255), programmable
Electrical Characteristics
Operating humidity: 5% ~ 90% , no condensation.
Operating temperature: 0℃~60℃(-20℃~60℃ is optional)
storage temperature: -40℃~85℃
Size (mm): 144*128.5*54mm
Weight: 0.94KG
overall power consumption
TDP: 4W~16W

Structure Size


Easy Handling of Various Occasions


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