Meet the team: Arslan (Marketing & BD manager)

August 03,2022

Arslan joined SmartMore Corporation as Global Marketing and Business Development Manager in the spring of 2022. We had the opportunity to meet him to discuss his journey at SmartMore so far and what inspires him the most here.

Here is a brief summary of the discussion!


How did you come up with the decision to join SmartMore?


I have always been tormented by my curiosity. I remember when I got a call from SmartMore I made a search about its business, growth, and work environment. I found the company is a complete package of exploration where everything about the organization drew me in, for instance, the company’s rapid growth, young and energetic team, versatility in business lines, etc., On the day of the interview, I had a concrete discussion with the marketing and sales director Manti. It was a memorable discussion, and I was excited to join the team.


Why did you choose this job role?


I am an ambitious and extroverted individual seeking challenging and innovative opportunities. I chose marketing major for some reasons for instance I believe that the human brain is so mysterious and full of fascination. Creativity and exploration are the things that fascinate me the most and how businesses use them to grow. I apply the concept of consumer logic that how rational yet irrational it can be! and the complexity of convincing and persuading customers through communication which is the wisest way I believe. My main passion for creativity was in advertising and how businesses developed their commercial concepts and messaging which then further translated into understanding the consumer logic by having an actual conversation with them.


What are your job duties in this role?


There are plenty of things I do in a day. I collaborate with marketing, sales, and operation teams to work out the best way possible to attract customers. I am a pretty good listener and love to listen to the problems of not just customers but the team members as well. If we collectively speak about the duties that I perform include a promotion, branding, communications, creative design, and advertising, Research (market, competitors, customers), opportunity spotting, lead generation, cold outreach (email, phone, social media), networking, partnership management, negotiation.


How was your experience with the team?


The team here is a bunch of highly motivating, vivacious, and open-minded individuals. A prominent characteristic of this team is that it consists of young individuals that are passionate about learning and advancing in their careers, which makes it a very competitive team. Everyone is so cooperative and sincere with his/her work. The team is of doubled in size since I joined and it’s great to watch the expansion and welcoming the exceptional talent. It’s a purely international team and if I just talk about languages our team can speak involves Chinese, English, Urdu, Hindi, French, Japanese, and Cantonese.


How about the company culture?


It’s been a great working environment with a merger of working, sports other activities. While working everyone is so keen, creative, flexible, and open to communication. If there is an activity most people participate in it to relax and nurture their minds. The culture here is encouraging towards accepting the challenge and solving it with freedom.


What excites you about SmartMore?


SmartMore is a school for learners and the opportunity to excel in the smartest way. Here at SmartMore, your opinion is being valued and the freedom to explore new ways to advance has been great. Seeing the rapid growth of the company and the challenging environment where you initiate, fail, learn, and succeed are the amazing things that excite me the most.


Can you explain some of your achievements


When I joined this department, it was in a starting phase. We needed to organize the tasks to complete them in an efficient way. Firstly, we digitalized the working processes to ensure the connectivity among each other, as in COVID days job life has also been affected badly so it was important to put all assets in a place where everyone could easily access them. The next Challenge was to increase brand awareness through promotion on social media and website by improving the content and marketing campaigns. We as a team worked on it and increased the traffic by 60 % raise from where it was when I joined in the first quarter. Now if you see the engagement in terms of followers, comments, or likes you’ll see a remarkable increase.

These marketing activities result in a significant boost in client attractiveness as well. Every day, we receive a large number of queries that are difficult to respond to in a single day. As the volume of orders grows, so does the sales team. Apart from these direct marketing based on personal relations also provided an increase in profit for the company.  This is a brief summary of what we have achieved with much to come.