Fiber Optic Sensor | SMI-FOSAMP-100

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Product Features

◆High-definition digital tube display, be clear at a glance:
High-definition dual digital display of red and green light, set value and luminous intensity are clearly visible.
◆The SET button makes setting even easier:
Simply press the SET button when there is a target detection object, and press the button again when there is no target object, and the optimal setting can be automatically determined.
◆To prevent light saturation:
Strong light may cause the contrast to drop, in this case, just press the SET+MODE button to automatically adjust to the appropriate brightness.


Type Cable type Cable type
Output type NPN PNP
Light source LED tube emitting red light
Response time 100 μs ( HIGH SPEED ) /250 μs ( FINE ) /1 ms (TURBO ) 16 ms ( MEGA )
Output selection LIGHT-ON/DARK-ON ( Switch selection)
Detection method Luminous intensity (area detection, automation sensitivity tracking function)
Delay function Break delay timer/ Boot up delay timer/ Open single delay timer, timer duration is optionalTime range: 0.1 ms to 9.999 ms, precision range is set value ±10%
Control output NPN open collector 24 V, max 100 mA, residual voltage: max 1 V PNP open collector 24 V, max 100mA,residual voltage: max 1 V
Supply voltage From 12 to 24 VDC 110%, ripple voltage (P-P): max 10%
Power consumption 750 mW max (max. electricity 24 V: 31 mA; max. electricity 12 V: 40 mA) Power save mode: 580 mW max (max. electricity: 24 V: 24 mA; max. electricity 12 V: 28 mA) Note: when apply “high-speed “mode, power consumption will rise to 160 mW (7mA)
Ambient lightness Incandescent lamp: max: 20,000 lux, B light: 30,000 lux
Ambient temperature -10 to +55P, non-condensing
Relative humidity 35 to +85%, non-condensing
Vibration resistance 10 to 55Hz, 1.5mm dual amplitude,2 hours each in X,Y,Z direction
Shock resistance 500m/S² in X, Y and Z direction, 3 times each
Shell material PC
Dimension 30.3 mm (H)*9.8 mm (W)*71.8 mm (D)
Cable length 2 m
Weight 80 g

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