laser triangulation sensors, laser displacement, laser displacement transducer,
  • laser triangulation sensors, laser displacement, laser displacement transducer,

Laser Displancement Sensor | SMI-LADI-001

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Product Description

This series is a high-precision non-contact displacement sensor based on the principle of laser triangulation distance measurement. It has a direct/oblique compatible structure and can detect both diffuse reflective surfaces and specular reflective surfaces. The controller part has added a humanized touch screen operation interface, with a rich communication interface, which is convenient for users to use and later integrated development.

Product Features

◆0.1μm (RMS) ultra-high repeat accuracy;
◆±0.02% high linearity;
◆ IP67 dustproof and waterproof;
◆Built-in algorithm, suitable for objects with multiple reflectivity.


Man-machine interface: Touch screen + graphical interface
Communication interface: IO, USB, LAN, RS232
Operation unit: ARM+DSP
Dimensions: 138*102*33.8mm
Weight: 270g
Working reference distance: 55mm
Measuring range: ±10mm
Laser light source: 655nm semiconductor laser
Light output power: 0.3mW
Sampling frequency: 8700Hz
Spot diameter at reference distance: 30μm
Linearity: ±0.02%F.S.
Repeatability: ±0.1μm(RMS)
Degree of protection: IP67
Ambient light: 10,000Lux
Working temperature: 0~+50℃
Dimensions: 82*74.5*32mm
Weight: 390g

Structure Size

Laser Dispiancement Sensor_04 拷贝(1).jpg

Easy Handling of Various Occasions


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